Massage Therapy for Relaxation, Rehabilitation,

& Postural Integration

Massage Therapy is an ancient healing art form.

Referenced in medical texts over 4000 years ago, Massage Therapy stands to be the oldest known physical medicine.  Touch is the basis of survival, and without it we perish physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The body, in all its beautiful complexities, is unique to each of us. Yet the similarities tie us to one other, allowing us to relate.  It is between this space that discoveries are made and brought into consciousness as we begin to hear and then listen to the language the body is speaking.  If we then address that which keeps our being in a state of dis-ease, there is hope of restored homeostasis.

My practice of Massage Therapy is one of respect & compassion with attention to the individual.

May you find balance, peace, and healing through your journey into your body.  I am but a facilitator in that journey, an aid, a guide.


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June 28, 2019

After 22 years, the private practice of

Erin Childs, LMT, MMP and Cascadia Healing Arts will be closing its doors. Thank you for many fulfilling years of serving your healthcare needs.

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